So most of us value friendship, right? We like having friends. Friends make life awesome. We have different types of friends though, and these types probably vary from person to person. I tend to be a sometimes elusive, long distance but still there for you friend, a bit rubbish at remembering birthdays but generous and not too selfish. I love travelling to visit people but for some reason people always end up coming to see me! I don’t know why that is. So what other types of friends are there…?



We have all likely had them and most of us have them for most of our lives. I can even list mine!

  • Marie
  • Denise
  • Emma
  • Louise
  • Simon
  • Lynn

I still consider them all my Besties but those I am still super close to are Emma, Simon and Lynn. The others I am all in contact with though, so it is all very awesome! These guys are those you can just pick up the phone and continue where you left off, be it days or years since you last saw them or spoke. They are precious and not to be taken for granted, and they know you better than ANYONE. There are no exceptions. They own your soul. 😛


The Fair Weather Friendo

Typically these guys should not be someone you allow to stick around, but I am actually pretty ok with them. Well, as long as they are good people when they are around, of course. I do not expect people to be around when I am having a hard time because honestly, there is not a lot people can do and most folks know that I consider them a little bit in the way. 😛 Only my Besties know me well enough to know when to insert themselves and their aid in my life, so Fair Weather Friends are actually more numerous for me than one might expect.


The Good Once in a While Sort

Similar to the Fair Weather Friendo, but only someone who you might be able to stomach once every few years or so. Those people who are quite funny for the first five minutes before you want to stick an ice pick in your ears and gouge your eyes out with a spork. I have a low tolerance for these guys and feel sorry for them sometimes, because I always give it a go and tell myself they will not annoy me this time, because it’s been years right… so I should have developed an immunity or something. Sometimes I do, but mostly I do not, so my Once in a Whilers are pretty much non existent.


The MeMeMeMeMeMEEE!!! One

Yeah. I don’t do selfish. As soon as this becomes apparent they go from friend to Bye-Bye!


The Doormat

These guys I am friends with because I wanna help them build a backbone, ya know? I love helping the underdog and defending the Doormats from the bullies of this world. It usually gets me into trouble (happens at work too) but I do not care. The Doormats need their Heroes and though it is kinda egotistical and presumptive to think that they need or want help, they are usually too timid to tell me to bugger off. 😛 It’s a catch 22 for them and I do try to not be too overbearing, bossy or controlling with these guys.


The “Anything Goes” Ally

I LOVE these folks. Love them. They are the ones who you are mates with in five seconds and who you like… have a hivemind with. You know the type, the ones totally on your wavelength. Not a Bestie because they are not the kind to get too serious about stuff, but they are open and honest and all about the fun. These guys bring out my positivity and are proactive and I love them to pieces!


The Vacay Buddy

Are you the kind of person to make friends easily? To connect with people quickly. *holds up hand* This is me. I do not know why but people talk to me, and I end up knowing their life story. Haha. I don’t mind, I like listening and asking questions, so inevitably I end up with loads of Vacay Buddies. Great for the plane/train ride and for those times when you are bored in the hotel. Good for a drink and though you swap numbers or emails or whatever you rarely ever see or hear from them again, but that is alright. This is the nature of this kind of friendship. Like a May Fly it only lives for a day.



So, how does one become a Non-Entity? For me it is simple.

  • Betray me
  • Mock me maliciously
  • Hurt someone I care about

Those are the things that get you Frozen Out of my world. And yes, I give the silent treatment. Let the Silence Fall, please. Once you become a Non Entity you do not exist to me. I block your email, number, erase your address, throw away and get rid of anything you gave me or sent me, I literally erase these Wankers from my life. I hold grudges, I admit this, and though they last a lifetime (and yes they do, I simply do not forgive those three things) there are very few Non Entities in my life. Excluding my siblings (my brothers at least), I can count on one hand the people I have genuinely frozen out. In the last year is happened twice and weirdly enough I felt REALLY GOOD about it. It is so cleansing, I highly recommend it. These people do not deserve a thought or forgiveness, they are not worth your time and energy and it took me over 30 years to master it but I feel good about it now and know this is the right course for me.


So to all my buddies, Besties, mates, friendo’s, and amigo’s thank you for being awesome and for being what I need, needed and will need. You are the family I always wanted.