I try to live my life without regrets, but inevitably we have them.


My main ones are – 

  1. I never learned the piano at 11 years old or younger. My parents could not afford it, but it is still a regret because I turned down a place at a music academy/boarding school because I “Did not want to leave my friends”. I only speak to one of those friends now. Well done Claire.
  2. I never saw Michael Jackson live. 
  3. When I was 18 I was offered a job in Switzerland but did not take it. In hindsight I should have been selfish and gone.


Those are my main regrets and I have other little ones like… not going with my gut and trusting people then getting burned down the line. Those are niggling little things that I still berate myself for, but really, I need to leave them in the past. I do tend to hold onto things but am so much better now because of my illness I believe.