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One of the main reasons I do text based roleplay as a hobby is because of the co-operative writing. I love not knowing what may occur, it is like a series in a way, every post is like another episode and sometimes it ends on a cliffhanger. What is awesome about the forum I co-run is the length of time some of the players have been there, and most of them consistently.

We have 7 players (including myself and Simon) who have been there for 2 years.

And then we have 5 players who have played there for 1 year or more.

Then the rest, about 8-13 players have been there for 1 month to a year.

This creates a game with consequences and plot and character growth, as well as awesome friendships which I will never forget. This project has the best group of people I have ever had the pleasure of writing with and I thank you all for giving me such joy and creativity, for inspiring me and contributing to the Dragon Age world.

*embraces all the feels*

Here is to another wonderful year of CoT and of developing writing friendships. ^^