In December my neurologist diagnosed me with clinically isolated syndrome and told me that she was going to keep “a close eye on me” and that I needed to report any new symptoms to my GP. The episodes I had experienced the year before and in the previous summer were most likely neurological episodes and they think my symptoms might be caused by MS.

So, I was looking at April for my next neurologist appointment and hoping to get there without having to see her sooner. However, my swallowing was getting harder and my legs were getting number and the tingling had returned. I have been referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist – so not too bad.

Then last week things got worse. The past week I have been having horrendous tooth pain, and I thought at first it was toothache. Then I thought it was menstrual cycle induced tooth pain (it has happened before but not to this extent), then yesterday I realised it is not just my tooth, but my jaw and ear too… reminding me of when I had shingles last July. I know shingles can occur because of autoimmune reasons so I told my BF that we should call the doctor not the dentist by the end of the week if the pain persists.

Curious about shingles and MS, and toothache/face pain and MS I googled it (good ole google) and apparently my symptoms match Trigeminal Neuralgia, which affect 4% of MS patients and is one of the earliest symptoms of MS… So, this could possibly be the first definite indication of the disease.

Don’t worry, I am not being a hypochondriac or jumping to conclusions, but I am glad I researched the pain before going to the dentist. Many people have unnecessary dental treatment (sometimes jaw realignment!) because of this pain and they did not know they had MS. I am lucky enough to know I might have it.

So off to the neurologist I go. Wish me luck!