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In December I had the pleasure of being made a global moderator of the huge directory and resource site – Distant Fantasies. As time goes on you’ll probably see a fair few links on this WP account and lots of references to it, because it is, quite frankly, a brilliant resource for roleplay writers!

There is everything from image stock and resources, to roleplay advice, as well as games, community, and social media! Now, I am in charge of the SM networks, so bare with me while I revamp and relaunch and… bring DF to SM lovers worldwide. ๐Ÿ˜›

What prompted this blog today was the simple fact that I am truly enjoying working with the staff there in creating new things and maintaining and taking part in the site. I have never modded on anything like this before so I am trying to learn all the time and not mess up! Luckily the admins are patient and don’t mind me asking a million questions!

Morrigan and I have something special in the works and it will be ready to launch soon. I am just amazed at having an idea that others latch on to and it being worked on together and made into something! I love this team!

So check it out! And say hello! I am “Mia” on there, so poke me if you came from this blog. ๐Ÿ˜€