“That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain” (Hamlet)

There is a kind of troll who everyone thinks is nice, and on the surface they seem nice. Yes they do. They are overtly polite and helpful, give interesting advice and participate. They seem positive and energetic and evvvvvvverrryyybody seems to like them. In reality though, they are the very worst of people. Does this seem harsh? Perhaps, but let’s put this troll into context.


They are backstabbing assassins from the shadows – overtly they do the nice person act and play it well enough to fool most people, but they never tell you the truth. They speak in riddles and always humm and harr, and are dithering and non committal for one very important reason – if they show open support then they will less likely be listened to when they wish to shit stir. Everyone pays attention to the neutral party, right? So they encourage you out onto the ledge and then they are one of the first to push you off with the mob, except the mob was incited by them and their hand is cleverly hidden amongst the hands of the rest of the mob.

They whisper untruths and dark words in order to spread discontent – this they do to give themselves some sense of value, sageism and worth. They want to provoke and to stir the hornets nest, but they categorically state that they never breathed a word –or– that “others have said” what they, in actuality, incite. Never are they the source of these whispers, they are just the poor messenger or caught in the crossfire. Poor. Innocent. Them.

They are always PA, for god forbid people should actually know how they openly feel about things. They will tell people enough privately so that when they are “delicately” speaking their mind and give their horseshit opinion the point gets across. To those who are the victims there is hurt and anger, and to those who believe the horseshit there is sympathy for the poor little troll.

Beware, good RPers of the interwebs, these trolls are always seemingly smiling. These are they who are the very worst of people online because of their complete dishonesty, maliciousness and malcontent.

Beware the troll with a smile.