Recently I had a rather nasty experience regarding activity and my health. For ten years I have been a Constant RPer and have been a rapid replier for much of that time. During my degree I took two years off the hobby (all hobbies in fact) to ensure the best classification possible as well as being very ill during my last two years. Until last year I had been greeted with patience, understanding and even latitude (though I do not expect that!) and I always always always keep people in the loop and really do not post for more than a couple of weeks.

Anyhoo, last year, as I say, this patience evaporated and I am curious as to why some sites or RPers have so little patience? I am very ill but even then I am not leaving people hanging, so I am confused as to if this is a recent change in RP culture or if I just stumbled upon a rotten core?

I am wary now to mention my health and I feel I cannot join new sites because of the fear that I might inadvertently anger someone because when asked, “How are you today?” I say, “Went to hospital, all is well it seems. *thumbs up* <– this is whining apparently. Mentioning RL and real problems is against the rules of the internet.