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… but I did. Several times.


I have never been one to gloat (much) but I have been positively beaming seeing the misfortune of people who treated me and others like me with utter contempt.


Eventually people will learn that you reap what you sow and karma is a bitch. Also, I am fairly sure we all have better things to do then troll each other’s guest areas (having taken the higher ground for over a year I feel utterly awesome at seeing little bitches and their jesters get their knickers in a twist over simple and harmless things).


Before we talk semantics let us go over some things first:

  1. If you run a resource site you should, by all accounts, know how to use resources
  2. Instead of trolling try fixing your own site.
  3. Look up the guides on “how to roleplay via text” and then take the advice you supply.


Quibbling over semantics is petty and immature.


Now, get to writing or get off my lawn! *shakes cane*