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I have so many appointments that I need to reschedule because they are falling on the same days. The problem is, how do I choose? I mean, which is more important? Urology? Neurology? Dentistry? Cervical Smears? Diabetes check ups? Vaccinations for flu and shingles? Pain treatment?

My appointment with my neurologist got moved because it clashed with my appointment at the dental hospital. If I could not have gotten the new neurology one to be within a month then I would have had to cancel the dentist – an appointment I waited for, for 4 months. However, the neurology one I waited for six months and is my six month check up, so it cannot be missed, only postponed for a few weeks.

November and December are going to be interesting since I may have to have another MRI, tests on my bladder, and treatment for my teeth. I have no idea how these different departments are going to schedule all of this and hope they at least talk to each other…

On the subject of my teeth, they are perfectly healthy. I just have wisdom teeth coming in at a stupid angle and an abscess that likely needs a root canal (the abscess is likely caused by the wisdom teeth or the probable MS / CIS, or both). So healthy in terms of I did not do anything to cause all of this!

And yes, I said I need a shingles jab. In the UK the over 70’s are getting this new vaccine but I am 34 and need it. How fucked up is that?! I had shingles in the summer of 2013 (again, likely a result of the probable MS / CIS) and when I told the doctor this last week she told me to ask the nurse about the vaccine.  I also need to see the GP and discuss my pain treatment.

My main focus is on the neurologist though, since my mood swings, depression/suicidal thoughts, tremors and eye pain thing need to be addressed. There is more but fuck… I would be here all day if I went through all of my health issues! Needless to say, I am going to so many appointments and have done over the last two years, that we have gotten the process down to a fine art. The hospitals and clinics are my second home, so thank the gods that they are modern, clean and lovely places to be.

Oh, the most awesome thing arrived in October to help with all of this… MY NEW WHEELCHAIR! It is soooooo comfortable!