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NaNo 2014 Participant


It’s the 3rd of November and I have written 6018 words for my NaNo novel. The first two days I hit my target of 2K words a day easily, getting about 2250 each day. Today though I have felt very sick, so decided to cash in my extra words and write 1500 today, keeping me on target overall. This kinda reminds me of the Spoon Theory, today I needed to use more spoons for showering and walking than I did the previous days so whenever I can I am going to go over the daily target so that the days when I have less spoons for writing I can write less. The goal is not just the WC, that is just the structural part for me. The goal was always to write the erotic novel and then edit the shit out of it and sell it online in 2015.

Thus far I have enjoyed my NaNo experience. I have friends on IM and websites cheering and on our forums we are giving advice and support for each other. The novel itself is developing into something I am liking a lot. I went in with limited prep, only loosely outlining the plot and deciding the basics on the three main characters but I am letting the tertiary characters develop naturally.

All in all I am enjoying this muchly and look forward to seeing what I end up creating by the time the 30th of November rolls around. 😀

Good luck to all NaNo participants out there! Feel free to reply and discuss this with me if you like. 😀