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It is not often that I do a rant in a blog, usually I disguise them as “advice”, but not today. I am too fucking ill to even try to veil what has me sighing and rolling my eyes of late.

Warning: Lots of ranting, so ignore this blog if you don’t wanna hear some random internet chick whining about the past and bitching about people she used to know.

First things first, NaNo. Just fucking write. Seriously. Where is the balance in peoples lives let alone in doing this challenge? I’ve never been one to miss deadlines and I have every reason to do so now, but that is just my life in general. NaNo just appeals to my achievement sensibilities. What I am not cool about is being made to feel like I am either going too fast or lauding my word count over others. I am excited, that’s all. Am I not allowed to be excited and proud of my story even though I have sometimes only done my 2000 words in a day?! Is personal success only relevant when it belongs to someone else? Is my success at something deemed lesser than because to some it is dead easy or it is made out to be less because it is too hard for them to achieve?

Another thing that both made me laugh and roll my eyes was Janine. This little girl is literally insane. She does the same thing over and over expecting a new result, but each time she ends up in the same position. As a fucking loser. I don’t even need to stalk the bitch, not that I would, she is boring as fuck and repeats herself. I had enough of that when I felt obliged to read her posts at RPGD and Sizael. If you do not want to waste your precious RPing time do not join her latest car crash – Lutea. She is just as rude, PA and dictatorial as she ever was and she still cannot code or host for shit. Her hosting is so bad she has her own forum on Jcink! lol What a loser. I am so glad she is out of my daily life and still in the same place she was last year. Even though I was apparently unable to keep up with her forum because I was “too ill” I have done so much more in this year even with this disability and next year I am beginning a fucking phd. Suck on that you judgemental, stuck up little bitch. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Finally, a troll we had on staff two years ago and who claimed Dragon Age was not something they enjoyed anymore has predictably re-emerged at another DA site. Poor dinah, I say, though I shan’t warn her because it’s not my place, I wish there was a DA black list of members who are trolls and trouble makers. I was tickled at her Ives character though. Still obsessed with Kossith sex I see, and still up on her pedestal. I should perhaps have told her when we RPed that I found it hard to post to her? That her characters bored me? She claimed only three people were of a good quality writer at CoT, the senior staff, and I could not have cared less what she thought. For me a good plotter is above being a good writer for RPing, since the great writers all tend to be stuck up little shits who think themselves above the rest of the world. Go and get published, and not just some piddly poem or single article or story, and then come back and ride in on your high fucking horse. Seriously, get out of my online life you cancerous pieces of shit.

Apologies to the nice folks on the internet for the rant.