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I love this time of year. I love Christmas and I love spending time with family and doing things. This year is the first year I have had a lot of people around me and already I am frustrated. Not at them! Definitely not at them, but I am being snappy and depressed because of my frustration. It is rooted in my inability to take part fully – to go shopping and go out to eat and see all the wonderful decorations in the city centre. I want to run around with my nephew and go places whenever I want to, not when my body dictates.

I am sorry to those I snap at, especially Simon, and I am trying to hold onto my Christmas spirit and be happy with the things I can partake in…

Also, I got discharged from the neurologist, I might still have MS and the TM that was caused by the CIS might still be MS but for now I need to get on with life as a disabled person. I can do that, I will do that, I just need to continuously adjust as every day and every month something occurs that tests my abilities and it is often something I used to do without even thinking about it.

Anyhoo – fuck the frustration and let’s get to the fun frolicking! We all deserve to have a very merry Christmas!