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So I’ve been reading up on TM, having realised it is an actual thing and not just another word on my neurologists report (whoops!) and it seems that the CIS resulted in TM, but MS might have caused the lesion. We won’t know until I relapse in a bad way, yay!

Anyhoo, I found the Transverse Myelitis website which led me to the FB group.

It has been awesome talking to all these people that are in the same boat, and I’ve even been able to give support and advice to people more in the dark than I am. I never even knew TM was a thing! And even though I have other things not related to the TM (but related to CIS, like the TN pain in my face) this is a good support group.

I am also hoping to get a dog that is trained to help the disabled. There is a long waiting list, but I am prepared to wait for such an awesome addition to my life.