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NaNoWriMo Banner 1

How many people genuinely try and do this and succeed? Well, I am going to try, and try hard I might add! It will require more time than I currently have and more resources, but I am determined to complete this goal in 2015!

Goals are supremely important to me and when I feel directionless I try and whip up excitement, self motivate and poke everything until I discover my path. Being patient during this process is important, and though I do not often ascribe to new years resolutions this years ones have already been particularly useful. I’ve found it easier to settle on genuine, achievable goals and intend to be more of a writer this year. Equally as much a writer as RPer.

I also intend on doing more graphics and learning PS, as well as buying Coral Painter. ^^ This goes hand in hand with my personal website, which will be powered by WordPress! Wish me luck with my goals this year, and good luck with your own projects and hopes for the future!