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Those of you living with CIS, TM, and/or MS know the deal. You get flu – you’re fucked. You get a bug – you’re fucked. You get a cold – you’re fucked. Well, toss in diabetes and being prone to getting cysts every now and then – I’m fucked. There is little pain (when there used to be a shit load before the CIS, bonus of having nerve damage and tramadol? >_>) but the infection has skyrocketed my temperature. Delirious, it escaped me that I could call the GP and get antibiotics as well as be taking paracetamol (probably) so this is what I am doing today.

The fact is this infection has inflamed my existing neurological condition. My legs are so numb and weak I can barely walk and both the little finger and ring finger on my left and right hand (I dunno what the ring finger is called on the right hand, comment to let me know!) as well as the outer edges of my hands are numb and tingling. Hand strength is poor as well (more poor than usual).

I have an appointment to have my wisdom teeth extracted this Friday. Who wants to bet they cancel because of this random cyst/infection? Hopefully I get antibiotics today and it clears it up enough for Friday. Either way, complications suck.