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I was supposed to be in hospital for one day. Blast the infection with antibiotics via IV, have the op, go home and have the district nurses maintain the dressing. Of course it was never gonna be this simple.

I developed a chest infection (or rather the one that had been hanging around me for a week took a hold and rampaged my post operated body) and my blood pressure hit rock bottom and never climbed until the day before I was discharged. My neurological symptoms took a severe hit, numbing me from trunk to toes and wrist to fingertips. All this plus lack of sleep and improper med dispensing led to a bit of a hellish week.

The things that has carried over from this, for me, are the chest infection and the low BP. Both are new and both were highlighted by the op, not caused by it. The chest infection is likely due to my swallowing issues, which the ENT said might happen. The low BP could be anything, so we shall have to wait and see. Watch and wait. Always with the watching and waiting.