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Recently my play by post game, Chronicles of Thedas, went through a few changes. We altered the application system and opened up profiles to be edited as articles by members. We are also giving them a character mod which is more work than it should be but that is mainly down to us not knowing shit about coding. These changes were years in the making and were not done at the drop of a hat. Don’t get me wrong, I think some ideas are good enough to have immediate implementation, but those ideas tend to be simple and easy for people to understand and accept.

However, when people get over excited and makes changes where they are not really needed and do this constantly it takes away the stability of the site and the site loses its identity. When you cannot settle on a constant then people lose familiarity with you. Change is good, I love change, I just prefer it to make sense and to be a benefit rather than a hinderance. I’ve made changes at CoT that have been a burden on people, but I learned from that. I learned to listen to my staff and members and to always try and find a way that suits as many as possible. Yes, you cannot please everyone, but a major part of being a leader of a project is finding compromise that suits as many as possible. Innovation is better done when it’s planned, evolved and perfected, then released as a change. This is my point of view, and it’s one I’ve formed over many years of managing, participating and being involved in all kinds of projects on and offline.