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In the past, before I got ill, I admit to having bouts of negativity. These were generally depression fuelled, but overall I was fairly balanced and whined and moaned as much as anyone. I don’t think that I’ve ever been exceptionally negative – though I will say that my “realism” was often wrongfully mistaken for negativity! I don’t think it’s fair to call someone out for being negative when all they are doing is telling you the truth which you asked for.

Fast forward to two years ago. I had a neurological “episode” and ended up in a wheelchair. All through that first year my outlook changed from one of complex emotions about things I just do not find important anymore. To stand up aided only by my crutches is a success now and in order to live every day and get through this I have had to have a positive outlook. I am a very open person and don’t like to mess up peoples schedules so whenever I was going into hospital I’d tell people. For some people this was (and still is) an excuse to be prejudiced and discriminate. For me it was being courteous, not “whining” or being a “negative Nancy”. How is giving simple information about my schedule being negative?!

Anyway, I got a message on Facebook offering me a chance to write for a book on Transverse Myelitis and my experiences as well as Simon’s (he’d be writing his own of course) and this came about because of my positivity. Now, I know we are not negative or positive all of the time, but I know I complain less (because let’s face it guys, who wants to hear about my bowels and bladder and pain hm?!!) and that I am vocally very positive about most things. Just not bitches on the internet. 😛 After getting this message I later see reference to one of these prejudice instances (which was decorated as “booting” a negative nancy) that turn my illness into whining. This same person also ranted about “scroungers on disability” like me who take money from people who need it, like her mum. So yes, it’s prejudice, but ya know what… from this day I take with me the good. I get to talk about my condition in a “chatty and positive” way and give others hope. I get to say thank you to all the medical professionals who have helped me and looked after me. I get to create awareness of Transverse Myelitis and CIS and MS. I take the good and the positive and will ignore the true Negative Nancies of this world.

To all the chronically ill who have suffered from others prejudice – never stop talking.

via Never Stop Talking.