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So I posted a random comment on this website about people who volunteer for all the things and then do none of the things. I was not ranting about anyone specific and nor was I making a statement of fact, I was merely ranting about something I feel strongly about. And what this is, is:

If you volunteer for the thing, then DO the thing, do not go on to volunteer for all the other things and ignore the first thing you promised to do!

I reckon that is a fair enough ask, I know people have shit that occur and I am not assuming everyone who fails to deliver are lazy biznitches, however in MY EXPERIENCE and looking back at projects I’ve been involved in and am currently involved in there ARE people who like the idea of doing things and even have a few good ideas, but they never actually do any work! Sometimes I think that perhaps like think they look good by saying they’ll do something and because it’s volunteering then they don’t have to do it at all or before any deadline. These people are the ones who piss me off.