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50 Shades of Grey


I have read a tonne of blogs all over the place decrying the abuse and sex and everything this film and book are known to be poor for. However, why, dear darling beautiful ladies are we attacking this thing by calling all deviant, healthy, experimental sexual women the devil? Why is this book and film an example of what girls should not be doing and learning but how to be a good housewife and be good to your man is the example we should be giving?!


I am sick to death of right wing, religious, OPPRESSORS coming to my blog and my website and into my life and telling me how fucking DEVIANT and SINFUL and DISGUSTING I am for writing smut. My smut is GOOD smut. My smut is NOT 50 Shades of Grey.

Women of the internet – stop being douchebags and get with the program. You have a soapbox, you have some freedoms, yet you use these freedoms to OPPRESS other women!

The only good and bad in this great debate is whether or not this STORY and WRITING is good or bad. The content and the fact that it is smut and that others choose to live their lives this way is NOT up for debate. So use your soapbox for something constructive for women’s right – stop destroying the foundation people gave their lives to build.