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There are times when I think I have completely accepted my disabilities, and then there are times when I know that I have not. Being disabled is not something one accepts in the heart and mind once and then never has to go through that emotional trauma again. It is a continuous cycle of acceptance, because when in a low mood and having a bad day physically the very real and very present frustrations, depressions and anger bring you back to that woeful, unhappy state.

It is a continuous cycle of acceptance and I urge people to be more aware of this. It is not the simple case of being diagnosed, it is a daily struggle. Some days those struggles feel less heavy because you are in a better place emotionally. Then there are days, like I had last week, where you are so very aware of your limitations. The hour it takes to do something feels like an hour, not the ten minutes it used to be when you were able bodied. The fatigue and pain compounds this.

So no, I am not “whining” or “complaining about the same things over and over”. I have a legitimate right to mention how I feel because if I do not then guess what happens?

I wobble.