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Growing up it was always instilled into me how important “goals” were and “self motivation” and this has helped me in many areas of my life. Ever since I was 16 I have wanted to be a published writer, I’ve always had the motivation and have a lot of projects that are going places. What is stalling me at the moment is the how.

My current roadmap is thus:

  • Fantasy world: continue editing and creating stand alone books (to be published by a company), complete short stories set in this world and send them out to fantasy writing magazines/publications. Published as C.B.Field or C.B.Woods
  • Adult literature (literotica): Complete “Enslaved” and the dark magic setting book and publish on Amazon under a pseudonym (not hiding my real name, just for professional identity across genres). Will publish 1 in every 5 on Amazon and the rest sold on my own website. The first in a series on Amazon – the rest on my website.  Assuming this is legal – I need to research that.
  • Other short story (not set in my fantasy world – cross genre again) excerpts on my personal website – full versions sold in pdf format.
  • Publish poetry on my personal website
  • Publish my art on my personal website
  • Publish my graphics on my personal website.
  • Publish Dragon Age fanfics on CoT Fansite/Fanfic site.

I am doing all these things right now, I am just curious about whether this is a good roadmap? I think it’s realistic and I am close to finishing a couple of these soon. My only issue is that traditional publishers may not like me having published poetry online or selling literotica via Amazon (or on my own website). I hope that any published (via magazines etc) short stories would work in my favour and that my personal website (which is my “author site” which is recommended by publishers to have, I think?) would be a good portal and introduction to my fantasty world and my style as a writer and a person. My WP blogs will also be linked to/hosted there.