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How do you balance your time between projects? Or between hobbies? Or even between RP posts? It is not that I am finding this a challenge at the moment – I am sick and am curious about how my own absences affect others schedules and RPing. I am curious and maybe guilty, even though I have nothing to be guilty over and those who write with me know my circumstances going into it.

Another side of this is how do you balance your content within an RP post? Do you think it offends people when one moment you give a 1000 word post and the next you give a 100 word post? Why do they get the 100 words when they would prefer the 1000? How do you balance between dialogue and description? Or the amount of smut you have in your threads?

These things have been on my mind while writing lately, maybe so much on my mind I’ve not blogged because I am still not sure how I do it or how I want to do it. The irony is I am a libran – though perhaps this explains why I am so obsessed with balance, hm?