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I have been roleplaying on forums for 10 years now and though I have not seen it all I have seen the same things over and over. Like Nostradamus I have said a bunch of shit that could be applied to various people and situations, since what is the point of being specific? The same advice works, the same mistakes are made and can be avoided. However, people continue to have phail. By now I should be patting myself on the back for being right and trying to help but honestly, I am just tired. It’s like Groundhog Day and that is no fun at all, so it is definitely time to remain behind the helm or watch from the sidelines. No offers of help or getting excited about people who just turn out to be like the hundreds of other people out there who promise so much and deliver fuck-all.

Whether it’s roleplay forums or resources the story is the same. Either taking on too much or not doing enough. Always whining about post or member stats and never actually being willing to just work. Why the focus on success or popularity? Why not just create CONTENT? Is this not why we write? Why do we have this hobby? Can we not just be helpful???

Also, stop talking about doing it and just do it! Please? Back up that bravado, stop taking on three hundred projects and completing nothing.

I am tired of predicting these failures. I want to see success and not always be the one to try and troubleshoot a fix only to be shot down. Stop shooting the fucking messenger and do your research. Change your goals and perspective and work hard.




Please stop telling me you are going to do something. Just get the fuck on with it. This goes for RP posts, making a character, creating a website, launching a forum or revamping it, or working on projects. Be a Doer or stop wasting my time and hope on you. Actually, it’s not about me, and I should not make it so. I am no longer interested in anyone else’s vision. At least, not in helping them achieve it. I have my own shit that I ya know… COMPLETE. I am not sure I can be a bystander watching all this failure either but then I am nosey and curious about whether or not you actually tried to prove me wrong. I WANT you to. I am sick of being Cassandra. Yes. I am Cassandra because no one ever listens to me when I try and help them – even when they ASK for that help.