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On my sister’s birthday she got a text message from a close friend. Said friend just moved in with another of her friend’s and they have been dating for 18 months. The content of friend’s text was something along these lines:

Guess what? Big news! We’ve just had a baby!

My sister was shocked. No one knew her friend’s were pregnant, not even the friends in question! It was a traumatising birth, with no signs of pregnancy she thought contractions were period pains and after an 11 hour shift at work she wakes up the next day needing a number two. Except… instead of what she was expecting she discovered she’d been expecting! A scream brought her partner to her and their little bundle of joy was born in the bathroom!

Mother and child are doing well by the way!

However, how do you deal with being not pregnant (apparently) one day and then being a mother the next?! I’ve heard it all from people both online and offline; that she should have known and how could she not have felt the child? They were on the pill and she had periods plus she had no other symptoms, she was not even showing (I’ve seen pictures of her, she was definitely not showing!). So yes, it does happen and it’s bloody amazing! Please though, let it never happen to me! I’d been in therapy for years. >_>