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It was not often the necromancer was allowed out of the city, but when he was he was always accompanied by a knife ear. Usually a mage. Often the whoring hag called Kaedra. Having slipped some potion into her tea (he thought it was a sleeping draught but it could easily have been poison) Iago had escaped and was making his merry way through the pretty forest.

Except no. No he was not.

It was not a forest, it was a disgusting wet swamp. And it was not pretty. It was hideous. Just like the creatures whom inhabited it. This was the issue with this northern place – too many annoying things! From bugs, to knife ears and Oxmen. Oxmen allowed to walk around like they were allowed to be there and walk around! It was a disgrace and he had told that knife ear and Master, the Furia man, to clean it up and make it less hot and stupid, but those dark pools people said were eyes stared back at him with no hint of compliance or sympathy for his plight!

So it was that Iago was making a run for it. The problem was he was lost and all the corpses in the horrible place were either hidden in those crypts or dust on the wind. What he would do for a bloated body right now… Give his right arm probably. Alright, maybe the left instead, he used his right arm to-

“HAG!” He shouted and pointed his grotty finger at the decrepit and sorry excuse for a human that was standing over a cauldron. Why was she not a corpse?! She should be! She had to be at least two thousand years old! Going by those saggy tits anyway. Hiding behind a tree and trying not to slip on the mud or trip over any vines the necromancer grabbed a hold of the Fade and found the nearest sources of entropic energy. It was woeful how few there were, even underwater he could sense those lost at sea, but these bogs swallowed everything, body and soul apparently.

Iago peeked around the bole of the tree to see if the witch was still there – but of course she was! – still stirring her pot, a pot that actually smelled appetising. Absently the mage wondered if she had added kossith horns or any elf ears to the gumbo, if she hadn’t he’d suggest it, they made excellent additions to any stew!