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This blog has always been a bit of a catch all when it comes to writing, I talk about and post all kinds of writing related content – whether it’s my hobby, play by post roleplaying, or my slightly more serious hobby – trying to write actual “books”. Some of my earlier blog posts are going to be featured on the blog for my Dragon Age project and I’ll be “pressing” (or trying to!) content from that blog as well. It’s not me being lazy, it’s just sharing the love and kinda showing you the other crap I do elsewhere on the internet.

For anyone who might wonder what the point of blogging is, I guess for me it’s all about the commentary. Talking about the things you are doing, or feeling, while it’s happening – it helps me with perspective. Even if no one ever reads this shit, I get a lot out of just putting it out there. It’s not about blogging every area of my life, I don’t do that anywhere online, I barely post on facebook or twitter. I blog about the things that interest me and that which I create – this is why I have three wordpress blogs, one for writing, one for random (though I talk a lot about MS and TM over there) and then one for psychology (which will see blogs once I get back to my career in that area).

My unsolicited advice is – sublimate. Use writing of all kinds to de-stress and get perspective. It works for me!