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Well, technically it’s not the cat herself who is smelly but her litter tray, as all litter is. The actually reason we wanted a corner hooded loo for her his because of the mess she makes with the litter stones. So, we bought the Clean N Tidy Corner Loo (by Sharples & Grant) from an Amazon pet store. First they did not send anything, then they sent the WRONG item, then they sent the right one but with MISSING PIECES. No swing door, no scoop and no filter! When I tried getting the parts the shop never got back to me, so in the end I got a refund from Amazon.

Skip ahead a few months and I track down the manufacturer and emailed them yesterday asking if I could purchase the missing parts. They got back to me this morning telling me they’d send them free of charge.


I am so using this brand again. There is a reason we wanted the loo, a reason we wanted it even with the parts missing and a reason why I went to the trouble of tracking some the manufacturer. Yay for Sharples & Grant!

Soon her loo will be complete!

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