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With my reassessment for PIP and ESA coming up I am doing a review of my own health, since nothing has changed for my doctors (not my neurologist anyways).

Apart from a rise in pain and weight loss my other symptoms are as they were this time last year. I have all the help and support I need, so I just need the government to not pull the rug from under my feet. I have contacted the neurologists office for a letter dated this month outlining my dx and disability and then I am going to see the GP to look at my pain meds and ask her for a letter stating what she prescribes me etc. I am going to be sending them all the letters from doctors I have already as well – just in case. 😛

Overall I feel like I am “coping” with my disability. It floors me sometimes, like today I cannot leave my bed without feeling like shit.

If anyone out there is on gabapentin or has been can you tell me your experiences?