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This morning when I was thinking over my NaNo novel I came across a tiny dilemma. I just could not recall the name of my character’s barbarian clan. I knew I’d named it, but when I thought about trying to find it I came up blank. It was not saved to my Onenote (which is annoying because that is where it should be under Groups! I just forgot to put it there when I was writing) and it is not a comment on my gdoc either. That leaves me with searching the novel itself. Doing ctrl+f won’t be as useful as it should be since I can’t remember what context I used the name in so am not sure what words it might be near apart from “Rayne” or “clan” and there are hundreds of those! lol

This is what I get for not being a stickler for detail eh? Oh, and I don’t need the name for anything right now but I know that I will before the end of the novel. >_>