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And NaNo is won!!!


My novel was in a genre I was far more familiar with, so when I missed days because of illness I found it much easier to pick it back up and to catch up. Also, writing a loooot of smut REALLY helped! lol For reals, all the sex was totally a motivator. The main character, a Red Sonja inspired character, is a total bisexual slut. 😛 I had a lot of fun writing all kinds of sex and researching lesbian sex was an eye opener! As a straight woman I wanted it to be less totally porno (had to be mostly porno because, well, smut!) and more realistic. I have no idea how I fared!

All in all it was a fabulous experience and I am so not done with this novel. I love Rayne too much to not do her justice and finish and edit and edit some more! It’s a story that’s been in my head for a very long time, though the character of the dark elf sorceress turned out very differently. So different that I might have the sorceress I had in my mind originally in book two. Yes, am planning the second book! Rayne has to figure out what happened during the two lost years! Spoiler alert – there may or may not be a child. >_> Those who know Rayne’s story in Thedas know she had a baby, so I thought it might be fun to echo that in this original setting. 😀

Finally, proof of my achievement (outside the fact that I will be selling this novel on Amazon, here is proof of my completion of the thing in November 2015):

The Call of Násheim