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I always have loads of writing projects, but during the Dec-Jan hiatus I’ve found renewed impetus for them all.

  1. CoT site – this includes the webzine, rpg forum, art gallery, fanfic site, wiki (for the rpg), guidebook (for the rpg) and new rpgs. Upgrades and launches for these things
  2. Personal site – clairebfield.uk
  3. NaNo novel – the 2015 one. Finish it, edit it, get a hardcopy for fun.
  4. Fantasy world short stories – finish them.
  5. Smut novels and more smut things.

Those are the most important of the old projects, and new projects have to wait a little – though I am making notes for things all the time!

It’s freaking difficult finishing anything, hence why I have RPing. Though recently there have been a batch of people bailing making me hanker for just Simon and those close friends who have stuck around to write awesome things with me. Am kinda tired of people leaving me in the lurch – whatever their reasons, I understand life is shit, that doesn’t change the fact that they are gone and I am left with unfinished work. Sad, but true. Positive thing is I have more time for CoT site things, like working on the upgrade.