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The reason I’ve not blogged on this particularly blog for a couple of months is because of the Chronicles of Thedas project. We finally upgraded the RPG forum to IPS hosting and IPS4 and launched the fanfic and fanforum for the fansite. Dragon Age takes up much of my online time and I love it! Now that these elements are completed we can now focus on the most important thing – the content.

For me this involves more RPing and writing blogs which is my first love when it comes to online writing. This freed up time is expanded too because the backend maintenance is performed by A Small Orange and IPS. We are paying for a premium service, this is how much we want to focus on content!

The most exciting thing about the upgrade to the rpg forums for most members has to be the new account management system. We commissioned an IPS developer to create a new system and an upgrade sequence from the old one. As much as the old one was good for us at the time the failure of the old dev to upgrade was not acceptable. There was also a lack of support for bugs despite us offering to pay for it, so we took our money to a professional. A word to the wise, don’t trust amateurs with something you’ve invested a lot of time and money in!