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About a month ago my sister said something to me (in anger) that made me wonder if I had failed in raising her. She told me she was angry because I had “wasted” food by giving it to a food bank. I had given away food our other sister had left in my cupboards after this other sister had a tantrum and moved out. The other sister had no intention of taking the food for herself (she had already gone to Asda to replace the food she had wasted) and Simon (my partner) and I could not eat what she had left. The choices were thus – throw in the bin or give to charity. We chose the latter…

Ever since then I have either noticed more stories about food waste in the news or there have been more stories, the most recent of which comes from the UK, Italy and Denmark.

In the UK, Tesco have pledged to give their food waste to food banks, making the company waste free as of 2017. This is fantastic news and I plan on sending my sister a link to the story, as soon as she is done giving me the silent treatment, haha!

In Italy it has just been voted into law that ALL supermarkets cannot waste food.

And in Denmark the first food waste supermarket selling surplus produce has been opened. It sells produce at as much as half the original price. It’s not something just aimed at the poor but at anyone who wants to stop food from being wasted.

When Simon and I were struggling after our ESA was stopped in the summer of 2013 we ended up in debt, close to eviction and ending up on the streets (in hospital for me), and with no money to buy food. We used our local food bank in Garston, South Liverpool. They literally saved my life and I cannot thank them enough. They were there for me at a horrid time in my life and now every month we donate to food banks, giving a special donation to Garston when we can. I hate that it took having to use this charity to give to it, but perhaps I can spread word of this wonderful charity, it is all across Europe and should be supported.


Let’s try and force our governments into making it law for supermarkets to give surplus food to food banks! Perhaps the government should focus on this instead of cutting benefits from disabled people?