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At my core I never was an optimist. Never a complete pessimist either, but certainly would not be could dead being seen as an optimist. Maybe it was just “uncool” to be happy happy chirpy chirpy or I was prone to moods, but either way I was certainly more comfortable with negativity than positivity. The latter felt “fake” to me, I could not trust it.

Becoming chronically ill did not change me, but it did change my perspective. Negativity and stress became triggers for relapses so I could not and would not have such around me. The changes came about rapidly, mostly. It was like being given a pair of glasses having seen the world as a blur since birth and thinking that was just how the world looked. Life seems simpler in many ways and this includes how I view positivity and negativity.

People can be negative and/or their behaviour can cause negativity/negative reactions/negative outcomes. I try to cultivate a positive atmosphere in my life by being positive and productive. In my experience people who bring positive energy are just as effective as those who bring negative, so if your site has 1 Neg and 10 Positivo’s then the +’s outshine the -‘s every damned time. Positivity breeds positivity.

By the way, this is not to say I am perfect, I should be held accountable for my own negative damages, but when the maths is done and someone else weighs in more heavily with the negativity they have to be gone from my life. I recently said goodbye to two of my sisters because of this. I have not spoken to either since the 18th February 2016. I do not expect to ever speak to them again.

Nurturing positivity starts with you, but you are doing yourself a huge favour by cutting out as many negative influences as possible as well.