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At 35,  I know I am not there yet, but I am at an age where I have to think about certain things. Mortgage, career, kids. the first is easy, I’ll get one when I have the second. 😛 The second is moving forward, I got accepted on a course for a Masters in Health Psychology at Liverpool John’s Moores University. The third? Well… we need to go to the doctor, probably for fertility treatment because of all of my health issues this stuff needs to be planned down to the moment of fertilisation – to switch meds and monitor etc.

Do I worry about the next ten years? Well yes, yes I do. My mother died when she was 45, developing cancer, and I have liver, heart and autoimmune issues. The first two are compounded by the last, but things are monitored and I am getting treatment so that is about all I can do on that score.

I recently severed myself from the last of my siblings that I was actually talking to, my sisters decided to be bitches and I am so done with that shit, I am way too sick and too old for their school yard drama. 😛 Maybe one day I’ll speak to them again but right now I am feeling rather used, so I am going to focus on the three things I mentioned in the start of my post, though roll kids and partner together since they go hand in hand (and Simon is my everything so he go hand in hand with everything).

Maybe I am just at an age where I worry about my own future too much, I try to put things in perspective. My position in life is better than most and I have a good chance of being successful and happy, so I am one of the lucky ones.