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On the day 51% on Britons vote to leave the EU I find myself asking several questions I hoped I would never have to ask myself. As much as I respect the decision of the voters who opted out of Europe I cannot fathom how they can campaign for the freedom to choose (because the EU was so tyrannous, after all) yet they choose for my region – who voted to REMAIN.

Not only are we going to lose the EU and all of the good things it brings us (personally I think the money we put in is worth the protection of workers, LGTBx rights and so on) but we will also likely lose Scotland and then later on, Wales. How are we putting the great into “Great” Britain when we end up as only England? I want to remain unified and that means staying in the EU.

And what about the pound? What use is sterling if it remains in this hole? We will be begging to join the Euro in a decade!

Finally, because I do not want to rant for too long, the Brexit campaign was run on lies. I voted for the status quo, for keeping things stable, but now we are thrust into chaos all Brexit can do is gloat and be in denial.

No, the pound will not magically “bounce back”.

No, the money we “get back” will not go to the NHS.

No, we won’t have independence, we will have isolation.

Forget Brexit, I am exiting the no longer “Great” Britain and finding somewhere that is not going to commit economic suicide and become nationally racist and bigoted.