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  • Family
  • Other Hobbies
  • Friends
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  • Partner


How do we balance this stuff with our RP hobby? I am not saying I know the answer, I took TWO YEARS out between 2009-2011 while I finished my 2nd and 3rd years of my psychology degree. However, since getting ill I’ve come to realise how important this balance is. How this hobby has served as an amazing and wonderful distraction from daily pain and other symptoms. It’s always been something that gives me an outlet for my emotions too. In psychology this is called “sublimation“, where we displace harmful psychological emotions etc into art, science, and anything culturally creative and progressive.

Balancing our lives is important, and our hobbies are an important part of this balancing act and are too often shoved aside or to the back of the pile when they need to sometimes be front and centre.

A schedule for RPing can be a good thing, but if you have writers block or are just not feeling it, just log on for 30 minutes and read, or reply OOCly, be engaged. Go to the first thing you have a desire for, the first thread that draws you in. 😀

So in conclusion: we all struggle with balance, but it is the pursuit of this that gets us the closest. Sublimation = happier mind and soul.

[post adapted from my Revolutions blog]