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When you have a chronic illness like Transverse Myelitis, Lupus or MS, how do you work? How do you have children? How do you do all the things other people do? I see some extraordinary people with my illness do extraordinary things so surely I can manage ordinary things? I think I can, I can but try, right?

So, as of this September/October I am doing my post grad in Health Psychology and hoping to work – at least part time – as a health psychologist. Also I am going to be turning 36 so I can start looking into fertility treatment. My hope is that since I find it nigh impossible to lose weight because of this illness that I might still be able to have IVF. If not fertility treatment then we will look at adoption. With me working and Simon being my carer/full time dad I think we can do this!

If there is anyone out there who has done this, who knows how to do this, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you!