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For years now I’ve gone back and forth on this, all the while writing things and like an artist burning a sketchbook or canvas I inevitably delete or archive the thing I worked on. I just never seem to be happy with what I am doing, not enough to share it outside of blogs and my own websites.

Thus far I have a list I want to stick to regarding what I publish:

  1. Short stories set in my homebrew fantasy world (to publish in fantasy magazines)
  2. Poetry (to publish in magazines and on Amazon)
  3. Literotica novel (to publish on Amazon)
    • “Justine”
    • Dark fantasy story with Rayne (NaNo novel 2015)
    • Modern fantasy with witches (NaNo novel 2014)

I’m also going to write a Cullen fanfic I have in my head, but that I won’t sell, I’ll publish it on my personal website (which I am creating via SquareSpace, woot!)

Am I being too harsh on myself? Should I just finish one of these things and just go for it? I am 36 now, it’s about time I got something published right? Getting commissioned to write private smut does not an Author make, lol.