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This should probably be going on my forthcoming Psychology blog but nevermind! I am so excited about my post grad project I just have to shout about it! I am not going to say too much since I might need to get approval from the ethics committee, but I am studying patients with Transverse Myelitis (the neurological condition I have) and Multiple Sclerosis. It is a study centred around pain and the moment the idea was floated in a workshop I was drawn to it. Though it took talking to my (now) supervisor to realise studying TM was perfect from a personal perspective and methodical standpoint.

That I can use my pain to inform me on which direction to drive my research is so cool to me. I believe the most powerful research is driven by those affected by what they study, either directly or indirectly. There is so little research on TM I truly want to contribute in a positive way and bring awareness to it.

I’m submitting my project forward to try and earn a bursary, if I get it (doubtful, there will be neurology and social science and other types of post grad students applying for this too) I’d get £4000 to go towards my fees. that’d free up four grand for me which would be significant and truly helpful. Again, not believing I’ll get it but dammit I am gonna try!

So wish me luck! And if you have an interest in this study and other research I am looking at/involved in then follow my forthcoming Psychology Blog: Claire Does Psychology. 😀