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It’s been a very busy few months, non stop since I started my masters course really. This degree is packed with assessments, but I like that, it makes me feel like I am working hard for it – and I am working hard for it dammit! :p

Taking a moment just to let it all sink in is important though. I’ve applied for a bursary – one where hundreds of students from various courses applied for this one prize and I got a “close second”. It was the next best thing to winning – I have a habit of coming second in things though so perhaps I am just used to it? haha!

Somehow I am still on this course and working harder then I ever did at undergrad! Yet I also feel more and more like a professional psychologist. It’ll be amazing to be qualified, it really will!

With Christmas coming up I just really wanted to make mention of how lucky I am – being born in England means I am privileged, I cannot be more thankful for the NHS, for instance. Without it I would most assuredly be dead.