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First of all let’s skip over the fact that I only narrowly passed my stats module and look to the new year where things get put into perspective. I developed new symptoms just after Christmas Day and in the new year the pain became unbearable. The itching of my left arm, armpit, shoulder, back, collarbone, breast, upper arm and now forearm were the beginning and the stitch like, pulled muscle like pain around my rib-cage had me in agony.

I have an appointment with the neurologist on the 20th January, and the doctor signed me off exams and deadlines until they know what’s what. It’s neither a tm relapse or a progression to ms, I guess the specialist will figure that one out. For once I’ve not been looking for ms, worried about it and now this. Exams are deferred and I am concerned about my future, but I have to destress, otherwise the symptoms will only get worse. Already my mobility is worse, though it improved a bit after the gabapentin was upped to 12 pills a day from 10 previously.

Basically, I just want to be able to live my life and try to do something with it, if only my body complied! If anyone has any advise n how to handle neuropathic itching pleeeeeeease tell me! Please comment on this blog and share your wisdom!