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… I have been inspired by Negan from the Walking Dead…

Basically, I am picking a character (one loved by others both IC and OOCly) and giving them a horrid, horrid death. It will be one of these:

  • Ahamten – a rebel mage
  • Asmodeus – a gay Imperial Chantry Father
  • Cerean – a Quartermaster on a pirate ship
  • Filip – an Orlesian Chevalier
  • Tia’iz – a master thief
  • Zenda – a mage on a pirate ship

The premise is that The character is going to do attack some kind of enemy outpost thinking it will wipe out the enemy, then later get abducted by the actual larger group and then be publicly executed – having their head hacked off by an axe and it takes several hacks before it comes off…

This will probably work best for Ahamten, Cerean, Filip or Tia. I think I just shortened the short list. lol