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It feels weird. I had a plan. I executed said plan. Now I am almost completing the plan.

My MSc in Health Psychology is almost over and I am applying for PhD programs.

It feels so weird.

So what do I do next? Do I continue with my current research and study neuropathic pain? Or do I apply for the Health Psychology PhD? Or the Counselling PhD? Or for another taught PhD? Or do I find a local university who is doing similar research to me and is offering studentships/scholarships?

I want to stay at LJMU and work with my current supervisor, and I want to eventually work with the Pain Research Foundation. I just hope someone wants me and that I get a merit or above and that I get good references!

It feels so weird.

I am having fertility treatment and will have a kid either naturally or via adoption in the next five years.

It feels so freaking weird.

But it feels good.