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In two weeks I hand in my first draft of my introduction and methods for my empirical report. In three weeks I do a poster presentation on this same research. Then there are a few more deadlines before 31st August when I hand in the final draft – my last piece of work for this M.Sc.

This time last year I was struggling to get the government to do things right for my financing, and worried about the start of term. As it turned out they did fuck me over and I dropped marks in the first semester but semester two has been a rip roaring success! I’ve gotten a few 70+ marks (equivalent to 1st class) so it brings my average to about 64/65 overall. That is a solid merit/2.1.

So despite the governments attempts to fuck with me, yet again, I’ve prevailed. Or I nearly have. It will be an amazing achievement for me since I’ve struggled all through it, but I’ve learned more than academic things, I’ve learned more of my current strengths and weaknesses and how best to make future education (phd) work as well as what I need to make my career in psychology feasible. It’s an exciting time and I am eager to board the education train again in the next 18 months.

It’s been an intense year and even though I had a relapse half way through which brought me closer to developing MS (my next relapse will be the change in dx they believe) it was absolutely worth it. I’ve been privileged to hear the stories of other TM sufferers and how they are all too happy to participate in my research, which makes moving forward with further research easier – it gives me motivation because there is tangible proof that I am helping and that I can help.

On that note, anyone who has TM or TM and MS please take part in my research here: TM Research