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In 2 days time we have an early election, brought forward by Theresa May. Many suspect that the Tories – aka the Killers of the Poor, Sick and Disabled – will win the majority. If you do not want this to happen then vote.

I am voting for my local Labour MP. Why? Well, I met with her as a candidate and I have looked at her voting record and while there are still things she needs to work on Louise Ellman is someone I feel I can meet again and hold to account.

Vote Green, Red, Pink or Black, just don’t vote Tory, BNP or UKIP. Be a unified Britain, not a Hate Crime one. Be involved. Be responsible.

The NHS is dying and austerity is a sledgehammer to the poor rather than a scalpel to the rich and government services. We have 50% more debt then we did in 2010 and nurses wages have not risen since before the Tories took over. Disabled people are dying because they do not have the care they need and working rights are in danger because of hard Brexit.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Please vote.

Please be informed.

Please do not fall for propaganda, for alternate facts, for Fake News.