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Sometimes it’s difficult to tell what is a stressor sometimes – actually, make that a “negative” stressor since not all stress is bad. Stress is a good way to tell you that you might be in for a heart attack, for instance. The problem is that sometimes a stressor can be both positive and negative. For instance, stressing over uni is a good stressor because it invigorates me and keeps me moving forward. However, stressing over exams is a negative stressor because I have a relapse that takes me closer to developing full blown MS.

This week has been a confusing one thus far. All stressors seem to be positive but I cannot help but feel run down and tired, which tells me that maybe they are negative as well. I am pursuing this idea of positive and negative because I know the latter can be eliminated or transformed, this is not some psychobabble “myth” either. I know Mindfulness is a popular as Kabbalah was years ago but the root of the theory is sound. That’s just one example of transforming negative stressors – use mindfulness. Then there is turning what might be a bad situation into something positive by sheer bloody force of will! I like to call this method the “I have no more fucks to give” method.

The best way, I think, to distinguish a positive stressor from  negative one is essentially how does it make you feel? Anything that makes you feel anything less than content is negative and you need to do something about it. For me it is often writing, by sublimating I try to transform the negative into something useful at least. Blogging, play by post RPing, writing literotica… they all count.

Fun fact: the cartoon for this post was one my professor used during his fight or flight lectures. 😛