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So what’s next? Well…

I have been invited to present my research at a national conference in Manchester. I am hoping to co-write a journal paper based on said research and also base my proposal for PhD research on these things. I am excited and nervous and all kinds of apprehensive, but mostly just glad to have positive things to focus on.

I recently had to give up a hobby I’d been doing for 12 years because on the pain in my wrists. It helped me through the worst of times since my diagnosis and it’s going to be missed, as are the friends I made through this hobby. Some I’ll keep because the hobby never defined our friendship, some will inevitably fade away without the hobby in common anymore. Some I’ll be glad to see the back of.

Rediscovering old hobbies has been fun, as well as engaging more in Tabletop, though I’d really like to have a local group and do it face to face instead of over Skype (which I detest) and Roll20 (which is actually a very cool website).

We are still trying for a baby, but with me turning 37 this week and another month with the dreaded arrival of the “monthly” I don’t have much hope. So I focus on the things I can sort of control, and push for that which will make me happy – spending time with my Simon top of that list!

So for today the next “thinga” is Dragon Age Inquisition DLC’s, first of which is the “Jaws of Hakkon”.  Fun times!