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(Art in banner courtesy of Z-GrimV)

This is me not talking about it. Trying very hard not to talk about it. It’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do tbh, but I can at least reflect upon how I got to this point.

About ten years ago I closed a site based on my personal work, my own high fantasy world. I closed it to focus on university and family and to try and work with an agent to get published. That never happened, university and my health came first. The irony this time around is it’s when I am forced to step back from a 6 year forum project I get made an offer! It’s crazy. I’ve only known this fandom for a few months but I’ve fallen in love with it and I think that not being a lore expert might work in my favour.

Plot is King, this is something I’ve always believed and it was what drew people to my sites. Characters are key of course, but too much selfishness and focus on a few can be to the detriment of the story. I am and I always have been a storyteller and my characters are there to dance (or die!) at my command. It’s why in the end collaborative forum RPing (as an admin) had to go (one of the reasons anyway). Too many selfish needs and no one wanting to tell the grand story and link things together. That’s all well and good and makes for a good RP forum perhaps, but it’s not how I want to write anymore. It’s not the kind of story I want to tell…

So here I am, riddled with pain and on the precipice of so many things, the promise of dreams coming true (in small ways perhaps but I expected no less in such a competitive area).

Watch this space for news on this project in the coming months. I can promise it’ll involve lots of violence, great characters, lots of sexy times and my own brand of immersion and storytelling!